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Preschool - Grade 12


John Davidson School is a PS-12 alternative program for Low German-speaking Mennonite children. The school teaches a full Alberta curriculum in English, in a setting that respects families' culture and language. In addition, students have a German and Bible-time class. The learning environment is sensitive to the LGM culture. For example, prayer is part of the day and Halloween is not celebrated. Our school also supports parents who may not speak English. We have a staff member who speaks Low German to assist with communication. Our Low German Mennonite School Liasion is Mr. Dan Doerksen and he can be reached at 403-715-4549.


Welcome to John Davidson School!

Welcome Back! 

We are all extremely excited for the 2023-24 school year and look forward to a successful year

John Davidson School will provide a genuinely supportive Christian learning environment where our Low German-speaking Mennonite students experience academic success.

This year we have added an accredited high-school German program and Low-German singing instruction. 

Student literacy will continue to be an academic priority as we prepare students for success in all instructional areas. 



Mr. Fred Jack



John Davidson School staff encourages and supports students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible, and positive contributing citizens and learners in a diverse, dynamic world.  




Children are our future.  Our staff is committed to supporting each student to reach his/her highest level of success in a faith-based, positive, engaging, and goal-oriented learning environment. Our students will strive to become increasingly respectful, responsible, contributing, and successful Canadian citizens.



At our school, we follow the principles of the FISH! Philosophy. The four pillars are: Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Play, and Make Their Day. By making this philosophy part of everything we do, we can channel our energy and reach our potential. This also helps us build healthy habits every day that support our wellness and the wellness of others now and in the future.